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NEWS 2011

28 May

Today we had
in Oss
Dropasteins Pocket Rocket
Was in Youthclass
And he had  2e place
With a nice report

17 May
Truly Yours Much Kool
had today eyetest
With good results
Cat/Pra  clear
So that is good news

25 April
CAC/CACIB Show in Leeuwarden
For the first time in Youth class

Dropasteins Pocket Rocket
Where he was the youngster in his class
3e VG

Truly Yours She Is Kool Action
Was 3e excellent
In youth class




10 april
Specialty ACSN
in Heteren

Judge Jackie Hill (UK)
Dropasteins Pocket Rocket
Best puppy male
Best puppy in show

Thank you Jackie Hill for the great report
Chocolate tricolor male
Wll chiseled head,good bite
Super front,Deep rib,
Short in back,Good tailset
Moved well behind

Rocky with his ribbons

click for

Truly Yours She is Kool Action
2e VG
with lovely report
Pretty tricolor female just 12 months
Good neck and shoulders
Good rib,Good tailset
Moved happy ,Lovely coat



5 march

Today we where on show in Groningen
It was the first time
Dropasteins Pocket Rocket
was on show
He did very well,and he enjoy the ring

His report was
Happy little man,Very good head
Nice earset,Good nose and Bite
Good neck and back,Very good chest
Enough angulated,Moves very well
Good coat and markings
 Very Promises
Best puppy off breed


And Truly Yours She is Kool Action
Was 3 e place with VG

here report

Nice proportion,well developped
Good head and expression,Good bite
Strong body,Good rear angulation
Move well,Good coat and markings
very nice temperament



3 March
Rocky and Chiqui are
ready for the coming shows


6 Feb
Today our little girl is 10 months
Truly Yours She is Kool Action